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You stand in front of a tower. Will you manage to climb to the top?

A small first person platformer inspired by CS/TF2 jump maps


W A S D — Move

Space — Jump

Left Click / E — Grab ziplines

Right Click / Shift — Dash

R — Go back to the last checkpoint

Esc — Pause and options

Everything made by me except sfx, which I got from freesound


- This game was put together pretty quickly and it's not very well balanced. If you have experience with source airstrafing and surf/jump maps it'll probably be easy, otherwise you might experience some sudden spikes in difficulty. Still, hope its enjoyable!

- Mouse sensitivity should be the same as in Source games

- Mac and Linux versions were not tested but hopefully they'll work fine

- Here's a run of the game in case you get stuck

- And here's a quick attempt at a speedrun with a few skips


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zima Windows.zip 84 MB
zima Mac.zip 85 MB
zima Linux.zip 89 MB


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Finally Complete! it took me about an hour. This game was amazing to play and kept me playing even though I felt like I couldn't pass a part of the game. 9/10

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks a lot for playing!

Nice game. I almost completed but  I couldn't pass the last part :/

what was in the top :) ?


Yeah it gets pretty tough at the end, thanks for playing!

Nothing special at the top really, but you can see the whole thing here:

just so you know, the mac version doesn't work.

(1 edit)

I think it has to do with file permissions after unzipping the app, but don't know exactly how to prevent it and I don't have a mac to test on :(

Updating the permissions from Terminal using "chmod -R +x zima.app/Contents/MacOS" should probably do it.

In any case thanks for giving it a try!